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Are you ‘green’ enough?

15 февраля 2013 высокой радиации и загрязнения земли, воды, воздуха? Сколько еще осталось лесного массива, который дает нам возможность дышать и является «легкими» планеты Земля? Иссякнут ли природные запасы, сколько еще видов животных, насекомых и растений будет занесено в Красную книгу? Эти и другие вопросы обсуждались на интегрированном разновозрастном образовательном событии по теме «Защита окружающей среды», проходившем 11 февраля совместно с 9а и 10-ми классами групп учителя английского языка Дияновой О.А. Обсуждение сопровождалось видеоматериалами, позволяющими оценить и представить опасность, которая нависла над всем человечеством. Ученикам была представлена возможность определить насколько они «Green» (заботятся об окружающей среде). Основной частью занятия стала ролевая игра - экологическая конференция «Разговор с Землей», где участниками стали ученики 10«Б» и «В» классов. Они представляли различные экологические организации и фонды по защите окружающей среды: WWF, Greenpeace, Red Cross, International Union for Conservation of Nature - UCN, Nature Conservancy Council- NCC и другие. Каждый выступал по определенной теме: промышленное загрязнение окружающей среды, загрязнение городов, проблема мусора и свалок, голод, глобальное потепление, исчезновение лесов, браконьерство и т.д. Спикер должен был не только раскрыть причины экологических проблем, но и поделиться опытом своей организации в борьбе за экологию, предложить пути решения этих проблем. Ребята представляли свои доклады, которые сопровождались видеофильмами. Необычной участницей нашей конференции стала двенадцатилетняя девочка из Канады по имени Severn Cullis-Suzuki (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7ep_8SLQh0). Ее выступление произвело на нас очень сильное впечатление. После выступлений участники конференции подвели итоги и приняли Резолюцию, в которой они обратились ко всем людям мира с призывом беречь нашу планету и сохранить ее для будущих поколений.А что вы можете предложить для создания благоприятного будущего для нас и для природы в целом? Матыскин Николай Даянов Вадим The ecological conference was very excellent and useful. Every attender learnt something new. The resolutions, we took, perhaps, might help us in the future: some of us would care for the nature; some of us would, probably, join the campaign to save the environment, some of us would become the participants, who would make a lot of efforts to preserve our planet fr om disaster. I think every student after this conference would think twice before dropping the rubbish or litter on the streets or anywhere, killing an insect, buying products made from animals. Яхин Рустам The problem of industrial waste is very important nowadays. Factories burn oil, coal and wood to produce the energy. But they also pollute the air and water. Every year factories and plants burn 10 billion tons of fuel and emit it into the atmosphere. Our country has accumulated 80 billion tons of solid waste and 2 billion tons of toxic waste. About 7 billion tons of the total waste in the world is produced in Russia. The industrial waste is really dangerous for all creatures and plants on the Earth. That is why the issue of the protection of the environment is so important. We need to do something soon or else we will not survive. Настя Андреева Ecology is the greatest issue nowadays. I would like to highlight the big and dangerous problem – famine. Famine is a social disaster caused by a long-term food shortage and resulting in massive loss of pollution. In December 2010 the number of hungry people in the world exceeded 960 million people. So how can we stop a famine? Solving the food problem means to provide people with enough amount of food, which are necessary for normal life. It would be a good idea to educate people about a danger of famine; as a result, more people might do voluntary work. Also, people can donate money to charity helping people in poor countries to survive; some people take children from such countries to their families to bring up. So, there are many solutions to this problem. The sooner we take actions, the better the future will be for these entire people, and the sooner we do it, the faster change our life. Мендыгалиева Алина On the ecological conference I represented Greenpeace organization revealing the huge and dangerous problem- global warming and suggesting some solutions to this issue. Can you imagine a world wh ere the dessert is all around us and there is no variety of plants, animals or birds? What should we do to prevent the terrible reality? How to encourage people to take care of our nature before the disaster? These questions were a plot of our lessons. My group mates were representatives of different ecological organisations and funds: Red Cross, WWF, etc. drawing "ecological tables”, discussing about natural disasters, doing a variety of tasks we learnt a lot about this issue. To sum up, we took some special resolutions to attract everybody to preserve our environment and volunteer work. Thanks to every participant for these educated and brilliant lessons! Луконцева Кристина How can we encourage people to care of nature now and in the future? There are a lot of International ecological organisations and funds which show how nature can be protected and appreciated at the same time. I was a representative of Union for Conservation of Nature. I was happy to greet all the participants of the conference, work with them, and discuss all the issues. I hope that our work will contribute to the fight for preserving and conserving our planet. Conditions in our world are getting worse and worse every day. One of the most important environmental problems of our time is deforestation. M.Jackson vividly sang about it in his song "Earth Song” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKbth9d8du4). The danger to our forests is increasing and many trees are becoming deforested. As a result of many problems, we need to do something soon or else forests won’t survive as well as people and other creatures. We appeal to review their role in the forest welfare.Forests are the main source of oxygen. The sooner we take action, the better future will be for our forests. People, who like making something from the wood, join our campaign and think twice before using or buying products made from trees. Матыскин Николай Recycling is very important nowadays. If we continue to pollute the Earth, everything will die. There are 4 reasons of recycling. It helps to conserve the energy, save money, reduce pollution and to conserve materials and natural resources. We need to do something or soon we will not survive. Firstly, we have to put special recycling bins for glass, metal, food, paper and others. It makes it easy for people to recycle their household wastes.Secondly, we need to enlarge the number of special transport that will collect rubbish on the streets. We can also educate people about importance of recycling. A good idea would be to organize events dedicated to the recycling.All in all, there are many solutions to this issue. Together we will make a better future for our environment and for ourselves. Представляем Вашему вниманию видеопроекты участников экологической конференции. Какая проблема, по Вашему мнению, сама серьезная и актуальная в настоящее время?

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