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Все интересное о жилищах людей на английском языке

Все интересное о жилищах людей на английском языке 23 ноября 2013
Иглу, изба, хижина, юрта, вигвам…. Ничего это вам не напоминает? А дом на дереве, дом-ботинок или дом-пузырь? Традиционный дом в британском или мальтийском стилях... Эко-дом  и «умный» дом.… Эту цепочку слов можно продолжить, говоря о разных типах жилищ. Данной теме было посвящено Образовательное событие на английском языке в интеграции с предметом «Мировая художественная культура»проходившем в 11-х классах  22 ноября, на котором учащиеся группы Дияновой О.А. представляли свои видео проекты экзотических жилищ и идеального дома. Презентация проектов предваряла интересная дискуссия на тему известной британской пословицы «Дом там – где твое сердце». И неважно, где находится твой дом– дом это - то место, где твоя семья, родные, место, где ты родился и живешь, куда ты всегда возвращаешься после долгих поездок и скитаний.
А как же не поговорить и об английском традиционном стиле: дома с соломенными крышами, бунгало, крепости, замки.… А какой дом считать самым известным домом в Англии? Видео экскурс дал возможность ответить на эти вопросы и погрузиться в атмосферу средневековой Англии, Ирландии, Уэльса и Шотландии, посетить виртуально дом Шекспира в Страт форде на Эвон.

Но самым впечатляющим данного занятия стала защита видео проектов «My Home is myCastle», который сопровождался Интернет видео,что вызывало улыбки, удивление, неподдельный интерес и восхищение. Высокие баллы, выставленные участниками в конце занятия, были наградой за большой труд в течение всего времени работы над этой темой. Лучшим стал проект Урмановой Анастасии.

Оцените проекты старшеклассников и напишите, каким вы видите свой дом в будущем:

Вот что пишут  сами старшеклассники об идеальном доме их мечты.

Андреева Анастасия:
Everyone has their own idea of the perfect home. From immemorial time people have always wanted the house be a place where you can feel comfortable and cozy, where you can always want to return.The house of my dream is a big modern glass mansion that would be located in the suburbs by the sea among small trees, bushes and colorful flowers. In general, it would be constructed of a new-looking expensive glass. It would be very spacious and huge. It would be comfortable, of course, cozy, luxurious, airy and fully-furnished. It would also have all needed facilities, such as central heating, running water, privet parking, fitted kitchen and others. The French windows will look well, too. On the last floor an open-air recreating area is comfortably situated. There would be a glass balcony with a table and a lot of chairs. You can enjoy the peace in a good weather there. Also the house will have a big round swimming pool with glass walls and a colorful backlight near the face of the mansion. All the rooms would be in a similar style, there would be illuminated glass floors, dark curtains and built-in wardrobes.  Also the house would have ultra modern devices. The security would be another advantage. The front door would be operated by a fingerprint system and the entire house can be monitored ever from a distance by a mobile phone. The house would have a sofa that will give a massage; a projector for reading the news and watching television, and an automatic lawn mower.  The house would monitor the residents’ health and tell us when to go to a doctor. All the appliances in the house would work by remote control and the house will be able to order groceries and say when they would be delivered. It would be fully automated and fully furnished.
Мендыгалиева Алина:
We name the word «home», when we talk about some kind of dwelling.  It is known that dwelling is a building or other place to live in. Furthermore, it can be a place of residence or an abode. Dwellings can be huge or tiny, comfortable or uncomfortable, for example a semi-detached house, a mobile home – a single dwelling, an apartment or flat in a duplex – one of two dwellings, located one above the other, and, of course, a terraced house, rock house, hut on steels and a block of flats.Regarding the house of my dreaming it will be a detached house. I’d like to arrange everything in the house according to my taste. There would be a big wooden front door, wiping your feet on the door-mat, and enter the hall. The floor would be covered with a fitted carpet; the wallpaper would be light and would have a small pattern. There would be a seat and a small table near the wall and a huge mirror above it. The bright full-length curtains will draw back, and sunshine will fill my living room. The living-room suite, consisting of a sideboard, a bookcase, a sofa, an elegant coffee table and three armchairs, would be arranged around three walls. There would be a video system near the window. On the ground floor there would also be a kitchen and a bathroom. The kitchen will be a very large room with a big window. There would be a gas cooker with a hood, two wall-cupboards and a sink unit there. Near the opposite wall there would be a dishwasher, a refrigerator and a table. My bedroom will be a very cosy and warm one like I want.

Яхин Рустам:
Englishmen say: "My home is my castle”. I think every person wants to live in a place, where he would feel himself comfortable and securable. Home - is the place where you can hide from the dangers of the outside. Also a person who owns the house can be a "king of his little kingdom”. My ideal house would be a villa located somewhere on the Bahamas. It will be a 2-storey building made of bricks and glass. There will be a huge garden and a garage connected to the house.  On the first floor there will be a bedroom, kitchen, living room and a bathroom. On the second floor there will be three bedrooms with luxurious beds. All rooms will be fully equipped with high-tech household appliances. It will be connected to a server in the cellar by a wires local area network. There will be a lot of devices such as television which will play cinema-style videos with Dolby sound via a projector in the ceiling that will put the images on the walls. A security will be another advantage of my house. The front door will be opened by a fingerprint system and I will be able to monitor the house from a distance using a mobile phone. These way burglars will not be able to enter the house by force. Of course, the house will be spacious and comfortable, very cozy and luxurious.

Матыскин Николай:
It is a common knowledge that there is no place like home. I personally believe that for the most people their homes are important. They are dedicated to them; they give them a lot of time and effort, looking after their homes with much love, care and enthusiasm.My ideal home should contains everything i need and take a great interest in. I mean that if a person is a fisherman as well as crazy about the nature, it would be wonderful for him to have a house with its own private gardens, which is a 5 minute woodland stroll to the rivers where trout and salmon are regularly caught as well. If a person is keen on sport, it will be amazing to have a house with a gym inside. Isn’t it awesome to have such an excellent possibility to do your best whenever you want and without leaving your house?

Урманова Анастасия:
"My Home is My Castle”. All we know this proverb. For me it means that our dwellings are really our castles, fortresses that can protect us, separate from each other and, of course, make us feel secure and comfortable. No matter what kind of dwellings you have, a house is your own territory or a kingdom where you are the King and where there are definite rules that appeal to you. It can be a modern flat in the city, a pretty cottage in the countryside, a strange but attractive tree house and even an eye-catching underground house, all of them are strong castles which are ready to keep our lives.No doubts, this dwelling is exciting, but in my imagination the ideal house looks like quite another. We live in the world of technology so I want the house be modern and smart but at the same time it would be situated near the nature. My house would have not an ordinary construction with asymmetry. It would be made from marble and concrete and among all walls there would be large French windows in order to provide me a big amount of light. The interior of the dwelling will follow the high-tech style with all latest technology and appliances. The majority paints will be white, grey, black and blue. All these paints are quite calm and they make people feel confident, peaceful and relaxed. I like painting, so the house would have a spacious workshop that would have everything that I need for creation. I love listening to the music any time wherever I am, so my house would have a music headset among all buildings. In that case, I will be able to hear the music in each part of the dwelling. And the house would have an enough spacious library where I will enjoy the reading.

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