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Мир профессий

Мир профессий 9 декабря 2014
На разновозрастном занятии «Мир профессий» в 9В и профильной группе  10 классов (учитель английского языка Е.В.Шершавова) ребята обсуждали проблемы профессиональной ориентации. Вера Васильевна Карелина, педагог-психолог, предложила старшеклассникам изучить  интересную статистическую информацию о выборе профессий  выпускниками гимназии прошлых лет.  Ученики 11 класса не только задавали вопросы по докладам и презентациям, но и организовали несколько занимательных разминок.

Кира Долганенко: В своей жизни человеку часто приходится принимать важные решения, сталкиваться со спорными ситуациями, делать выбор. Одним из важнейших решений в жизни каждого является выбор будущей профессии. Данная тема была и будет актуальна всегда, ведь так непросто распланировать дальнейшую жизнь и не ошибиться. Своими трудностями и переживаниями, а также мечтами о будущей профессии поделились с нами ученики 9 и 10 классов. Мы с удовольствием послушали работы ребят и дали им несколько советов о том, как добиться успеха на выбранном пути.

Albina Davletova: We had a chance to listen to younger pupils talking about their future professions.
Class 9 took part in this activity. And they managed to do it very well. They carried out some research and found some jobs that are underestimated but helpful for the society. Their work was really interesting and creative. And of course, it was a great pleasure to listen to them.

Victoria Tselousova: I personally assume that the most precious thing about the event was that the pupils of different ages were able to work together. Nobody can deny that it is crucial for older students to share their experience with the younger ones as while sharing lots of spheres of the language are put into practice. And, of course, this type of work was vital for the students of classes 9 and 10 as they, I hope, learnt something from us and took all our notes into consideration.

Dasha Zubreva: We had a very important project on the topic “My Future Career”. This topic was very useful for us and we spent a lot of time on this work. I liked this work because it was really very interesting to listen to other students talking about their future job.. In general all students presented very well, I want to thank everybody for lots of useful and interesting information. I hope we will have more work of this type because it’s really great when we practice our speaking skills and present our work to others.

Vadim Pankov: Nowadays, it’s important to find a good job to provide your family with money. It means that we need to think about it now because when you finish school, you’ll have to enter a university. If you have an idea about your future career, it’ll be easier for you to make the right choice.
On Saturday we tried to present our projects about choosing career and I got a lot of information about this essential problem. I believe that in future we’ll have more lessons like this one, so we could improve our speaking skills.

Oleg Zakharov: This project helped us to understand the importance of good career in future. We could say about our ideas, thoughts, abilities and interests, therefore realized our situation. Performances were well-organized, the students told about their future careers in an understandable way. I liked some professions like pilots, screenwriters. I think it is very good when children have so many different interests and abilities and can prove them.

Polina Lysenko: It’s an essential problem for many students because they don’t know what profession to choose. All my classmates prepared reports about their future career. It was remarkable and we could discuss them and give solid advice. It’s my firm belief that such type of work is really important and helpful for us. I’m happy that we’re able to create such projects which can help us with our decisions and furthermore, due to them we have a chance to develop ourselves.

Alexey Popov: I think this project is very important for our future life. It helps a lot of students to choose the right way and to be good at something. We should start thinking about our career prospects and begin to prepare for our exams. I learned lots of interesting things from my classmates’ presentations: advantages and disadvantages and requirements of some professions. In my opinion,  this type of work is good for students and of course, for teachers.

Dima Mikheyev: At our lessons we discussed the problem of choosing career. When students finish school, they have a question: “What career should I choose?” In our world it is important to have a job which brings your money. Before enrolling at a university one should analyze a lot of things:  advantages and disadvantages and requirements of this job, financial reward and etc. If you do it in advance, you’ll have more chances to become successful.

Sasha Tarasyuk: Choosing career is a very important decision in everybody’s life. That’s why we had a task to prepare projects about our future career. We found out a lot of information about interesting and unusual professions such as a cosmonaut, a pilot, a robotics engineer, a veterinarian, an ambassador, etc. I think everybody coped with this task and I’m sure that these performances will help us to make this important decision.

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